Thursday, March 5, 2009

Assignment Schedule

Mon 3/9 Course Introduction

Wed 3/11 Moral Emotions
Hume’s Moral Philosophy, Stanford Ency. of Philosophy, Secs. 7 & 8
M 3/16 Subjectivism, Relativism
Moral Philosophy (MP): Pojman, pp. 38-52
Comment #1 due
W 3/18 Egoism
MP: Rachels, pp. 79-86
Comment #2 due
M 3/23 Ethical Framework: Kant
MP: Kant, pp. 194-201
W 3/25 Sustainability
McKibben, Ch. 1
Comment #3 due
M 3/30 Ethical Framework: Utilitarianism
MP: Mill, pp. 141-146
W 4/1 More on utilitarianism
McKibben, “Reaching the Limit,” library reserve
Comment #4 due
Ethical Experience Project Plan due
M 4/6 Application: Lifeboat Ethics
MP: Hardin, pp. 335-343
Comment #5 due
W 4/8 Ethical Framework: Virtue
MP: Mayo, pp. 260-263
Argument Outline #1 due
M 4/13 Food Ethics
McKibben, Ch. 2
Comment #6 due
W 4/15 Application: Food Ethics
Michael Specter, “Big Foot

Also, take both of the following quizzes to measure your carbon footprint. The two models are slightly different, so print out your results and be prepared to discuss them in class. I will collect these. If the format does not work well for you (because you live in a dorm, for example), consider taking the quiz in the role of our parents or in the role of what you believe a “typical” American is like.

Footprint Model 1 is at
Footprint Model 2 is at

Comment #7 & print-out of carbon footprint quiz results due
M 4/20 Individualism & Communities
McKibben, Ch. 3
Comment #8 due
Argument Outline #2 due
Work on Ethical Experience Project
M 4/27 Local Economies
McKibben, Ch. 4
Comment #9 due
W 4/29 Ethical Framework: Justice
Rawls, library reserve
M 5/4 Future Generations
McKibben, Ch. 5
Comment #10 due
Ethical Experience Project due
W 5/6 Framework application: Activism
MP: Singer, pp. 344-352
Comment #11 due
M 5/11 Framework application: Activism
Katchadourian, “Neptune’s Navy
Greenwood, Ringold, and Kellogg, “Dying for Science?” library reserve
Comment #12 due
W 5/13 Film and Review for Exam
Argument Outline #3 due
W 5/20 9am Final Exam

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